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Alan Saks

Alan Saks serves as the CEO of The Cornea & Contact Lens Society of Australia and as a writer for mivision journal. He is a third generation Optometrist, has served multiple terms as President of Contact Lens Societies, arranged numerous conferences, served on Education Committees, as Examiner in Contact Lenses and Clinical Optometry and presents to Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Support Staff, Registrars and Pharmacists.

Alan has served on the editorial boards of journals and as editor and photographic director of NZ AutoCar and more recently as editor of mivision, Australasia’s leading ophthalmic journal. He is a board member of the Asia Pacific Contact Lens Journal and an Advisory Board member for Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, since 1987.

He’s developed websites, writes, presents and consults on contact lenses, digital/social media and IT matters.

His columns micontact, milenses, In Contact, and Saks on Eyes have been subscribed to the world over.

Alan enjoys exploring the boundaries of contact lenses, always seeking to improve long-term results and maintain corneal and ocular surface integrity. He embraces new technologies and has pushed for higher Dk lenses, safer systems and enhanced performance, for over thirty years.

Alan has written for journals, websites and industry and taken part in clinical trials, workshops and international panels.

He recently moved to paradise at Smiths Lake, NSW after two decades in NZ, after migrating there from his mother South Africa, and loves the lifestyle. Alan and his wife Karen recently completed an amazing 35,000km ‘Big Lap’ of Australia, in their off-road 4x4 campervan. Fantastic Country. He continues to enjoy writing and presenting, delivers keynote lectures and engages leaders of optometry in debates. He has diverse interests, combining some of these presenting at ski conferences.